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February 02, 2006


Mrinal Thakur

the Fuel GB company in mumbai that you have mentioned in the list is actually Fuel-IT and its website is http://www.fuel-europe.com/

Fuel IT is into designing online courses for military, finance, legal, telecommunication sectors etc.

Sayali More


This an excellent opportunity to explore the Indian elearning companies!,

thanku :)

Yatindra Nath Singh

The url for the Brihaspati LMS offerred by IIT Kanpur is http://brihaspati.sourceforge.net

Yatindra Nath Singh

The learning management system is offerred by IIT Kanpur. It is supported by Ministry of communication and information technology and University grants commission. You can add this to your list. ...ynsingh


Hi :

Just thought would wear a PR hat !

Photon, if am right, is the only company that is an integrated eLearning service provider. I head the eLearning division and we offer

1. Content creation
2. Learning Management system customization/development (Brand: SPARK Mentor)
3. Virtual classroom (Brand: SPARK)
4. Virtual Teaching

Talk about sending some shivers through the bones of Breeze, Elluminate and the likes, operating outta India, we do that !!


You are doing a great job. The site is being a great help. It is well updated.
I would like to know how i can add my company in the list. To know more check our website. www.eprosys.net


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